"I have just had an AMAZING first experience of Aroma Touch with Emma. Thank you so much. It was so very relaxing and even though I was so relaxed (and wondering how I could focus on work afterwards) I actually found I was really alert and very focused afterwards. Truly BLISSFUL!! I'll definitely be booking for another session at some stage and recommend others try this very gentle and nurturing experience"


Health Coaching

I just did a consult with Emma today, and found it very helpful. Not only was she able to help me look at what I was eating and how it may contribute to my cravings for sugar, but she was also able to help me address the way I was approaching my relationship with sugar. The best part was all the questions she asked and how personalized it was. Not just some standard answers. She also has a very positive way of addressing things. I was very comfortable talking openly with her and never felt ashamed or embarrassed. She also brings a wonderful sense of humor which made the whole things enjoyable. I would recommend her services and use her again.
Justine Q Rose - via Facebook

You have helped me realise that it is acceptable to have dreams that don’t need to include family. That it’s okay to put my needs first; to use strategies such as planning short term goals to achieve them. To own my emotions and allow myself the time to work through them. To look at life as a journey not of restrictions but as pathways that I have to take to grow.
Justine S

Momentum Coaching

I can not recommend Emma as a coach enough. I love her no nonsense heartfelt approach. She actually cares enough to be honest and her honesty and genuine interest in helping move people in the direction they want to go is very apparent. I came away from our coaching session feeling focused and like we had set some real goals designed to move me forward. 
Emma - More Than Mum

Anonymous feedback 

These responses were submitted via an anonymous questionnaire 

Your strengths are many. You have the ability to identify qualities within a person that they don’t see. You are able to motivate and guide a person through their journey of self discovery using language that supports, improves self awareness and leads to a more positive outlook on the journey for self improvement

You have a great ability to listen to what is being said by the client and then interpret that dialogue into comments that provide clarity within them

Your ability to listen and really hear what people are searching for is a gift! You are a strong woman, but you have a beautiful, gentle side as well which is a definite strength. You’re also really talented at getting out of people what’s really ailing them without making them feel like they have to tell you.

You are very compassionate. Your warmth makes you easy to talk to and to feel like you can be trusted. I also see you as extremely diligent and thoughtful. You are able to ‘confront’ others with what they need to hear but you do it in such a kind way!

I think you have a natural understanding of people - maybe that’s not knowledge but more understanding others. I do think you know lots about health and also about building a business.

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